ServePoint Quick-Tour

This guide will quickly show you around ServePoint so you can see what it can do and how easy it is to use!

You may want to print this out so it's easier to follow along.

Start by picking one your church's teams, like the worship team, or nursery etc... We will add that team to ServePoint and create your first schedule!

Adding users

The first step is to add the team members to ServePoint.
Let's add yourself first:

  • Click on the Users tab in the menu
  • Click "Create new user"
  • Enter a user ID for yourself. You could use your FirstnameLastame, like JohnDoe.
  • Enter your name, email and phones, and choose your mobile phone carrier
  • Choose how you want to receive notifications: Text/Email
  • Choose Events, Users, SuperAdmin
  • Choose specify a password, enter a password, and hit Save

Now, add a few other users if you like.

Set up your first team

Let's add your team. This could be the worship team, greeters, nursery, etc.

If you want to use the nursery, first decide if you want to add one team for the whole nursery, or split it up into different nursery rooms. Basically, that just depends on if you have one person scheduling all rooms (set up one team), or if you have different people scheduling different rooms (set up a team for each room).

  • Click on the "Teams" tab in the menu
  • Click "Create New Team"
  • Enter your team name. Maybe put a "-testing" at the end of the team name in case there's already one in the trial.
  • Just choose "All Campuses" for now
  • Expand "Notifications Settings" to see that you can change the notification timing, but these defaults are usually best.
  • Hit "Save"

Now you can add team members, positions, and sub-teams if necessary.

  • Click on "Team Positions"
  • Click on "Add New Position"
  • Enter a position name, such as "Teacher" or "Worship Leader"
  • You can also enter a description, comments, requirements for that position

Min#/Max# - Some positions like "Choir Member" can have multiple people. So instead of adding Choir Member1, Choir Member2, etc.., you can just add one position and enter the minimum and maximum number of people for this position. This is really just for your reference, the system won't prevent you from adding more or less. If this is a single person position, like "Worship Leader" you can just leave these blank.

Hit Ok, and add a few more positions.

  • Click on "Team Members"
  • Click "Add New Team Member"
  • On the right of the Person field, click the picklist button
  • Click your name and hit OK
  • Enter the date joined
  • Now pick all of the positions you are able to perform
  • You can leave sub-teams blank for now

Sub-teams help you break up a team in to sections such as band and vocals, or it could even be used to specify what service they prefer, etc..

  • Go ahead and make yourself a team administrator
  • For "Notified of Declines", choose "For all subteams"
  • Hit OK

Go ahead and add a few more people with "all positions" to your team. You can just choose sample people if you want.

Schedule your team

Now that you have your team setup with members and positions, let's schedule this team for the next few Sundays.

  • Click on the "Scheduler" tab in the menu
  • Choose your team
  • Choose "All Campuses"
  • For Events, Choose "Sunday 10am"
  • Choose a date range for the next 4 weeks
  • Hit "Show Schedules"

You should see the scheduler screen listing each week across the top, and the team positions down the left side. This layout make it really easy to schedule several weeks at a time.

Let's schedule the first week:

Simply pick the team members for each position in column 1

Note, if there were any scheduling conflicts, you would see them highlighted in colors while picking team members.

Notice the "Status" field at the top. For bigger teams, you may want to work on the schedule for a few days before making it active. In that case, you would choose a status of WORKING. This lets you continue working on it without sending out any notifications yet. Whenever you are done with the schedule and ready for it to send out assignment notifications, you would set the status to ACTIVE.

  • Choose the ACTIVE status for the first week.

Notice the "chain link" icons at the top of each week. This button allows you to link several weeks together so you can assign them all at once!

  • For weeks 2 and 3, click their "link" icons
  • Now assign some positions for week one - notice the assignments for week 3 also!
  • Set these weeks to a status of WORKING

  • Hit "Save Schedule"

That's It! In a few minutes, the assignments for the active schedule will go out to those team members.

Adding resources for your teams

Your team may need resources to help them serve in their positions. This could be music for the worship team, or lessons/check-lists for your nursery workers. You can add those to ServePoint so everyone will have what they need to do their best!

  • Click on the Resources tab in the menu
  • Click "Create New Resource"

Resources can be assigned to everyone, individual teams, or specific schedules. When assigned to everyone or specific teams, these resources will be visible on the user's home (My Assignments) screen under "Resources". When assigned to specific schedules, the resources will be visible under that specific assignment along with all of the other assignment information.

  • Choose "All teams"
  • Enter "Check-Lists" for the Category/Folder
  • Hit the "Browse" button and find some sample document, pdf, mp3, jpg etc... to upload
  • Click "Show under my resources"
  • Hit Save

  • Now Click on "My Assignments" tab in the menu, and notice the new resource in the "Resources" section

Let's go back to Resources and this time we will add a resource to a specific schedule.

  • Click the "Resources" tab Iin the menu
  • Click "Create New Resource"
  • Choose "All Teams"
  • Enter "Music" for the Category/Folder
  • Hit the Browse button and upload a music file .mp3, etc...
  • Leave "Show under my resources" blank
  • Choose a few schedules in the "Assign to schedules" pick-list.
  • Hit "Save"

Now go back to "My Assignments" and expand that schedule. (If you don't see the schedule, you may need to log in as that team member you created)

You should see your music file right there with all of the assignment details, including other team members, notes, etc...

Other things to explore

There are many other areas to explore including: My Availability, Announcements, Sending Messages, Events, Reports.

You can dig more into those details in the other help topics on the left.

If you have any questions, just call or email us:

Phone: 888-371-6878