You will need to add users to servepoint before they can use the system. You will probably want to add your initial team admins (the team leaders who will be administrating/scheduling their teams). Once the team admins are added, they can then add their own team members themselves.

  • To add user, click the Users menu option, then hit "Create new user"

First give them a user ID. This can be a user name like jsmith or their full name like john smith. You probably don't want to use email address, because email addresses can change.

If this user is a team admin, then you will probably want to allow them to Add/Edit Events and Users. This way they can add new events and users to their teams without having to call the super-admin every time. If you want to have more than one super-admin, you can check that option as well, but you probably want to limit this to just a few key people.

Let me specify the password - when creating users, checking this box will allow you to enter their password. If you uncheck this, a password will be generated automatically.

Send new users welcome message - If you check this box the "new user welcome message" will be emailed to the user (only if you entered their email address).