Setting up your team

Your first step is setting up your team with members, positions, and other team-specific settings. You should see your team listed in the main menu on the left.
If you don't see your team listed, then it has not been created yet by your volunteer coordinator, or whoever has been given "super-admin" access to servepoint.

  • Click on your team from the menu on the left, and you will see your team details.

Here is an example of a new Greeters team:

Greeter's Team

The top part of the screen lets you change team preferences, including when notifications are sent out. By default new assignment notifications are sent out up to 30 days in advance, unconfirmed assignment reminders are sent out 14 days in advance, and then a final reminder is sent out 1 day before the assignment.

  • Click the Notification Settings link to change these defaults.

The bottom part of the screen shows three tabs for your team members, positions, and sub-teams.

Team Positions

  • Start by clicking the Team Positions tab, then hit "Add New Position" button.

Add Team Position

In this example, we added a "Front Door Greeter" position, and we need 2 people for this position. By entering 2 for the Max # of people, when we start scheduling, we will be able to choose multiple people for that position. If entered 1, then we would only be able to choose one person. Continue adding all of your team positions, such as Auditorium Greeters, Cafe greeters, etc...


Sub-teams are not necessary, but they allow you to group your team members together for any purpose. For example, if you have a big team, like Worship Team, you may want to group your members into two sub-teams - Band and Vocals. This may help for communication purposes; say you want to email just the Vocals, etc...

Or, if you have multiple church services, and your team members want to specify a preference as to what service they prefer to serve at, you could create sub-teams for each service. When you schedule your team, and you are picking members for positions, you will be able to see what sub-team they are on, which can help you know which service to schedule them for.

One final example, is if you have multiple campuses, and you have one big team that serves across all campuses, the sub-teams can help you designate that certain people prefer to serve at a particular campus.

  • To add a sub-team, hit the "Add New Sub-Team" button:

Add New Sub-Team

Here you can give the name of the sub-team and you can specify a 3 letter code that will appear next to the person's name while scheduling. So for Vocals, you could have the code of Voc.

Team Members

Now that you have your positions and sub-teams created, you can start adding your team members.

Note - New team members must be added as users to servepoint before you can add them to your team, so you will need to go to the "Users" menu on the left, to add all of your servepoint users.

  • Go to the "Team Members" tab, and hit "Add New Team Member"

Add Team Member

  • Click the blue button in the Person field, to choose a person for your team.
    When choosing a person, you can search by first or last name.

You can add the Date Joined, but it's not required.

  • Now, choose the Positions for which this person can serve. Also choose their Sub-Teams if any.

If this person will be a team admin, then you can grant them that ability here. Team admins, of course, are responsible for scheduling and maintaining the team, adding resources, and messages. Most team admins need to be able to add/edit events and users, so choose those settings here.