Scheduling your team

Now that your team is set up with positions and members, and you have events entered, you are ready to schedule your team.

  • Click on "Scheduler" in the menu on the left.
  • Next, choose the events you want to schedule.

You can schedule many events at a time, so this screen will help you narrow it down to just the events you are interested in scheduling. You can choose the team, campus, select specific events, and date range. The scheduler will only show a maximum of 8 events at one time, so try to narrow it down to 8 or less events.


So here's the scheduler showing the first 3 blank schedules for the greeter team. Each column is a different service, and each row is a position to be filled. You also have a spot at the top where you can make some notes for each schedule. This is also great for song lists for the worship team.

  • Now all you have to do is click on each position and choose the people you want to serve:

Schedule Position

This picklist shows you all the team members who have been added to that position. If you want to add another person to this picklist, just hit the "add person" link and choose one of the existing servepoint users.

Each schedule also has a Status field that lets you specify either Working or Active. Working means you haven't finalized the schedule yet, so you don't want notifications to be sent out. If the schedule is complete, then you can set the status to Active, which means all notifications will be sent. Also, if you need to delete a schedule, you can change the status to Delete.

One quick tip about scheduling multiple services - if you find that you will be scheduling the same people for multiple services, you can click the "link" icon on all the schedules you want to link together. When you do that, any change you make to one schedule will be made to all the linked schedules.

After making all of your changes to your schedules, make sure you hit the "Save Schedules" button.

Scheduler Notification Codes

You will notice as you are scheduling that some of your team member names will have colored codes next to their name. These codes indicate their accept status, availability, conflicts, etc??? Here's a list of the scheduler codes:

A - The User has Accepted the assignment

D - The User has Declined the assignment

C - There is a time Conflict with the assignments of this User

M - The User is scheduled for Multiple positions in one Schedule

U - The User is Unavailable for this date and time

Anytime you see one of these codes, you can hover over it with your mouse and see more details about the code.

Note - Servepoint is purposefully lenient about scheduling. In other words, it won't stop you from doing what you want. If a person is already scheduled for another team, servepoint will tell you about it and show you details about the other assignment, but if you decide its ok to schedule them anyway, it will let you do that. Both teams will be able to see the conflict, and you can decide if you need to make any changes or not.

Printing your schedule

To print a schedule, use the Scheduler to pull up the schedule, then hit the "Printer friendly version" button to get a version designed for printing.