The super-admins are the only users that can add new teams to servepoint.

  • To add a new team, use the Teams menu option, then hit "Create new team".
  • Give the team a name, and if this team is part of a particular campus, specify the campus.

The Notification Settings allow you to configure how this team is notified.

Enable Notifications option indicates if email/text notifications are enabled. If you un-check this option, notifications for this team will not go out. This may be helpful when you are initially setting up a team and just want to get a feel for how the scheduling works, but you don't want to notify anyone yet.

Notify members when they are initially assigned to events that are within this many days in the future - This option specifies how many days in advance do you want to let someone know they have been scheduled for an event. The default is 30 days.

Notify members if an assignment is still un-confirmed this many days before the event - This options specifies how many days before an event do you want to remind someone if they still haven???t accepted or declined an assignment. The default is 14 days.

Remind members of their assignments this many days before the event - This specifies how many days before the event to remind the member of an assignment. The default is 1 day.

Save the team before adding members, positions, or sub-teams.

Now that you've created a new team, make sure you add the team admin to the list of team members. Once the team admin has been added, they can then continue setting up their team by adding members, positions and sub-teams.