ServePoint allows you to post various resources for your teams. These can be PDF's, MP3's, videos, links, etc... Resources can be specific to a schedule, such as MP3's for a service, or ongoing resources like team guidelines, ec... Ongoing resource can appear at the bottom of a member's "My Assignments" page for quick access. Scheduled resources appear in the details for a specific schedule on the "My Assignments" page.

  • To add a resource, click the "Resources" menu item on the left.
  • Then click the ???Create New Resource??? button.

New Resource

Resources can be grouped into categories, so if you want to group all of your MP3's together into one group, and all of your lyrics into another group, simply specify a category name. Make sure you spell the category exactly the same for all of your resources.

If you are uploading a file, click the browse button, and choose the file.
If you are adding a video, like youtube or vimeo, paste that link into the web link field.

Now, if you want the resource to be an on-going resource and have it appear on the bottom of the "My Assignments" page, click the option for "Show under My Resources". If you want to assign this resource to a specific schedule, choose the schedule.

Quick tip - If you have a lot of similar resources, and you don't want them to take up the whole page, you can group them into folders. Just add (folder) after the category name. For example, say you have a lot of songs that you want users to get to, but they aren't really scheduled any time soon, you could group them all into an "archive" folder. When you upload the song, just assign it a category of: archive (folder) This will create a folder called archive, and store the resource inside it.