My Assignments

The "My Assignments" screen is your home base in ServePoint.

From this one screen, you can see:

  • Your current assignments
  • Announcements for your team or entire church
  • Resources

The My Assignments tab at the top shows your current assignments.

Make sure you Accept or Decline each assignment so your team leader knows if they need to find a replacement.

When you hit "Decline", you will need to enter a short reason, then hit "Decline" again to submit it.

When you click on an assignment, it will expand showing you all of the details for that specific assignment:

  • Other team members scheduled for that event
  • Notes or lists
  • Resources specific to that assignment

Notice that you can also "Download assignments to my calendar" - This link will create a calendar file which can be imported into your calendar program.

Next to the "My Assignments" tab, you will also see a tab for each team you serve on. These tabs will show you the assignments for all other team schedules, even if you are NOT assigned to them. This is helpful so you can see who is serving on other dates in case you need to switch with someone.