Events and services

Before you can schedule your team for an event or service, you need to make sure those events have been added to the system. The Super-Admin may have already entered most of your regular services, but if not, you will need to add them.

  • Click on the "Events" menu on the left, and then click "Create New Event"

Create Event / Service

  • Give the event a name.
  • If the event applies to a specific campus only, then choose that campus.

Now, most events will probably be shared by all teams, so leave this set to "-All Teams-", unless you want to create a specific event for a team such as a "media team training event", etc...

  • Choose the Start date and specify any recurring options if needed.

For example, to set up a weekly Sunday service, set the Repeats field to "Weekly". Set the "repeats every" field to 1 (for every 1 week), then choose the day. You can leave the "Ends on date" blank if there isn't an end date.