Email Delivery

Servepoint sends welcome messages and notifications through email, so it is important that users are able to receive these emails. Reliable email delivery has become a little trickier these days due to the high levels of spam and other email abuses. To help ensure reliable delivery, you may want to let your users know that servepoint emails will be coming from, and to add that to their address book or email filter's white-list to ensure the emails are not filtered out.

Also many email services attempt to filter out emails that happen to have some of the same characteristics as spam, before they reach their users. When this happens, the email will bounce back to servepoint. You will actually be able to see these bounces, by reviewing your "Sent Mail" in the Control Panel. If there was a bounce, you will see that highlighted in red. Usually this will be a unique mail server for an organization, in which case you will need to contact them and let them know that messages from are being blocked, and ask them to allow those messages.

If you notice an email bouncing from a major internet service, such as AT&T, yahoo, etc... then email us at:, and we will contact them about releasing any blocks.

Your team admins will also be able to look at their team member's profile, and see the sent mail results in the "Sent Mail History" tab of their profile. This way they will be able to check to be sure their team members are receiving their emails.