Control Panel

In the Control Panel menu option, there are a few settings that apply to the entire organization. The Welcome subject & message make up the "welcome message" sent out to new users when they are added to the system. The default message is shown below, but you can customize it to meet your needs.

Hi Admin

Welcome to ServePoint!

ServePoint is an online system that will help you and your church connect and serve together.

ServePoint allows team leaders to schedule team members for services and events, upload resources, and keep everyone in synch via email and text messaging.

When you are scheduled for an event, ServePoint will:

-Notify you via email or text -Allow you to accept or decline -Remind you of the event -Provide any resources you may need

You can use the "My Profile" link to:

-Change your password -Update your contact information -Enter you availability (vacations, etc...)

You will find a quick tutorial video when you login, that will show you all the features.

Here is your account information to login to ServePoint Username: xxxxxx Password: xxxxxx

Once you login, go to "My Profile" and change your temporary password.

Two other options in the Control Panel affect how many events you can see at one time in the scheduler. The default settings will show 2 weeks of schedules, but only up to 8 schedules at a time.

The final field allows you to specify your organization name.

Control Panel Actions

There are a few actions available in the control panel screen to help with keeping an eye on whats going on in servepoint.

View Current Assignments - Shows you all of the current assignments for the entire organization

Send any pending Notifications - Notifications usually go out every 30 minutes. If for some reason you are doing some testing, or making some changes that need to be sent out immediately, you can use this action to send them out now.

View Sent Mail - Shows all messages that have gone out and the result - sent, delivered, opened, etc... See the section below on Email for information about bounced emails.